Letters from Lawrence



LETTER #5: The ever increasing impact of Once-Other the novel.

1/29/2018 12:58 PM PST


Rabid Liberals are intent on badmouthing this book. They need to. They must if Liberalism is to survive. It’s our weapon against them. Yes, there’s new ideas in Once-Other. Some say they are stunning, yet simple enough to do. Yes, I get into the story at a gently pace.

But it soon takes off. So what the good reviews have to say should be heeded.

There are two story lines in Once-Other.

There’s the personal adventure one filled with hardship and which includes a touch of romance. Then, mixed into that are the political ideas and the WEAPON.

Now. Many authors of the past and present have written in protest of their current times and of Government gone mad, insane actually. Well! Once-Other goes beyond that. By which I mean to say that it isn’t simply a protest song. It’s a method. A weapon. For We the People. Yes. It places into our hands, We the Voting People, a Weapon that none can defeat.

A weapon that changes how the relationship between the Voters and their elected Officials works by placing ALL POLITICAL POWER into the hands of WE THE VOTERS. But not just during an Election. No. It’s ours to exercise on every single day of every week, of every month, and every year.

Which is why Liberals in particular along with all DC swamp Critters, so fear this book.

Would you want to safely, quietly bring about a new tomorrow?


If yes. Let’s then take the intent of the Constitution of the United States of America just as our Founders wrote it and ironclad it against what has happened to it over these past 200 some years. For that is what Once-Other does. And we need ask no one for permission to do so.

Neither is there a need to go to war to do this.

And though what I’ve written is based on the Constitution of the United States of America, Once-Other works for, and is intended to bring change to every Country on Earth.

Why the USA as basis?

Because it’s economically the most successful country in all our history. And it provides the greatest Freedoms and Rights to all its CITIZENS. And those two in combination is why Liberals, Communists, Fascists, and even Economists so want to destroy the USA.

Thank you.

Lawrence M. Nysschens

LETTER #4: Open letter to All who love Life

12/05/2017 2:23 PM PST

Lawrence is currently in the final stages of editing his new novel titled: A Candle’s Worth of Life.

Lawrence hopes to publish sometime during the first quarter of 2018. This book is very different to Once-Other.

Prior to publishing Lawrence MAY have a Pre-Publication sale on Amazon and all other sites you will find listed here on my website.

SO, during it the new book MAY be $0.00 for digital copies.

Go here to see my ORDER HERE  page as it is now.

I MAY also run a pre-publication give-away on Goodreads.

Coming soon as well: A sneak preview of Chapter 1 here on my website. Stayed tuned all those who have followed me for the last three years since I first published Once-Other.

Another News Item: I am also working with the artist who created the cover for Once-Other and she will be doing two illustrations for each Chapter of Once-Other. Her own art will also appear on this website and MAY be for sale.

Furthermore, I MAY be creating the Artwork of Once-Other page and you will be able to acquire the printed artwork itself both digital (certain ones only) and printed copies of various sizes.


Thanks to you all,



LETTER #3: Open letter to Tucker Carlson

8/02/2017 09:50 AM PST

Hello Tucker, Sean, and The 5.

There’s a false idea, being used for propaganda purposes, most all Left leaning guests are effectively spreading when appearing on your shows.

This is deliberate propaganda, but of deeper concern is that none of the seven this letter is addressed to are calling them on it.

And it’s the age-old propaganda method known as the redefining of words. Changing words that mean one thing to mean another. It is practiced by simply using words in a way that alter their meaning.

And the word I’m writing about today, is immigrant.

Here’s an example of how the word immigrant can be changed simply by using it in a certain way.

Immigrants are hardworking people. They come here, they work  hard, they pay taxes, they contribute to our economy. Now Trump wants to deport them, even break up families.”

Last night, August 1st  2017, there was an example of this practice on both Tucker Carlson’s hour and The 5.

Tucker’s guest kept referring to those who have crossed our border illegally, live here without a visa, work here without a work permit, as immigrants.

On The 5 it was Juan Williams’ ongoing lies and perverting of facts which serves as the second example.

So, on both shows those who have crossed into the USA illegally were referred to as ‘immigrants’. Which they are not.

Worse! These Liberals went unchallenged on this.

Now my question is: What Visa, for example H1, did these ‘immigrants’ come here with? None is the answer.

Therefore, they are not immigrants. But your guests, Juan on The 5 in particular continuously refer to those who have illegally crossed our borders as immigrants.

Neither now or at any time in our history have those who illegally enter the USA been referred to, let alone classified, as immigrants.

But, why this letter.

Because today many Americans don’t understand the difference. In particular, those educated in Colleges over the last two decades.

And the Left is relying on that to bring about a national agreement that those who have entered the USA by crossing our borders illegally or over-stayed a visa, are legally speaking…immigrants.

So, if you fail to call Liberals on this item when they guest on your show, your show is being used to propagate Liberal ideology, and effectively at that.

Please don’t allow them to do this; and go unchallenged or by not correcting them.

This has become so entrenched within our society that even immigrants legally working here on H1 visas fear being deported.

I’ve spoken to a couple of them.

I am an immigrant as well. So I know how immigrating to the USA works.

There’s many Liberals using Fox’s high-rated shows to spread their propaganda. Yes, I know you know this. And it’s propaganda devised solely to change the meaning of key words from their legal and/or dictionary definition into artful propaganda and they hide this behind their obvious falsehoods and perverted concepts.

The latter one elicits the knee-jerk argument and correction while the subtle change of a key word goes unnoticed, and/or unchallenged.

And that’s how it’s being done; that subtle change to the meaning of key words within our society which then changes the view of the Public so as to agree with their Agenda. This includes regular English words as well as words without our laws, regulations and Constitution.

Stay alert please. And don’t give up in despair or become exasperated by the endless need to correct this. For that is what Liberals and all Socialist conquerors depend upon.

And that’s why they repeat the lies and perverted definitions ad nausea. For they know those of sound mind, moral and ethical character, will eventually succumb to the endless lies.

Why do we succumb? Because we fool ourselves into believing ‘everybody knows that’ or worse, ‘everybody knows that’s not true’.

The fight we are in for the soul of our Nation is not open warfare, it’s that ever creeping perniciousness of well-rehearsed lies and twisted values and meanings that all Socialists use as the opening gambit to the conquest of a society.

Please, never allow this nor them to go unchallenged…again.


Lawrence M. Nysschens


LETTER #2: Ideas that advance our Rights

6/11/2017 11:15 AM PST

As an author Lawrence has chosen to step beyond the protest songs and themes one finds in fiction of the past. In those we were NEVER offered any way to resolve the issues plaguing society.

As an author I have added new ideas that are practical and usable by regular people such as myself. I’ve endeavored to step beyond the 1984 and Atlas Shrugged and Fahrenheit 351 and such as The Hunger Games which all sounded the alarm for I sense that alarms in our time no longer cut it.

Instead, I write of the current dangers and then move forward with new ideas of the practical kind. Ideas that everyday people such as myself and others can apply and so reverse a political  plunge into the black hell of international chaos.

And CHAOS is the the central ingredient of Progressive, Liberalism and such like Political philosophies. Its foundation was laid down by Karl Marx the father of Communism: From out of Chaos comes Change. Change only comes from out Chaos.

And so they work to usher in CHAOS.

Yet around all these ideas I’ve write of adventure, conflict, and romance and struggle like none before.

My first offering is titled Once-Other. Go to AMAZON and read the short preamble and Chapter 1 which is a single page. (or scroll down to find the online store of your choice.)

Though Once-Other leans towards the USA, the ideas themselves are applicable to everyone and so every country on Earth.

At this time visitors from approximately two-thirds of the countries of Earth have come here to read and to discover what those ideas are. They work no matter where you live.

I hope you will join others who are already walking the new road to political sanity.   And you’ll discover that Once-Other satisfies on two levels; story alone and the new ideas.



LETTER #1: Interest in Once-Other mounts.

4/18/2017 10:30 AM PST

Hi, to those who visit and the many who return over and over.

ONCE-OTHER is alive and being read.

And so has begun the long haul of making the book known. It’s a large book but the greatest value lies upon its pages. Oh! Please don’t be put off by the SF category. Yes it’s written in the future but only to provide a method of proposing new ideas.

I’ve been told the story itself is worth the entry price. Then you get the new ideas as well.

You will find in the Descriptions at all points of sale, Once-Other classified as Political Fiction and/or Fantasy, or SF, plus other genres.

But none of the classifications do justice to the book, its contents, let alone its purpose.

Yes, it’s strange in place, quirky in others, adventure assured, some romance too, but most of all there’s new Political Ideas built upon the foundation of this the United States of America.

Despite being US based with regards to Rights and Freedoms the ideas within pertain to all people of all cultures across the world we call Earth.

And the new Political Ideas are both practical and embrace all people.

There is even some dire warnings of what the future holds for those who would seek to suppress our Freedoms and out Rights. One can only hope they will read Once-Other and realize the peril they place themselves in.

Peril not from us. But peril from those whose agendas they serve.

Now. I’ve been a little naughty with the new ideas I’ve mentioned.

You see, I’ve placed pieces of it all through the book. Some here, some there, some in the beginning and some in odd and strange places. And in the end, I build the main section.

But those pieces that came before are not all there at the end. They need to be known before the ending arrives. So, if anyone skips and jumps parts of Once-Other it may appear the message is raggedly given, erratic even.

Yes, that happens.

It’s done for those critics who glance through one’s work ‘looking for something to disagree with, easily dispute, and to definitely refute.

Hope you enjoy the read.

Feel free to ask me any questions about it.

You can write a comment or email me at:


Many thanks to those who helped make Once-Other work.